Let's Shine a Light on Your Ecosystem. Together.

Enhance your blockchain with an Ecosystem page that’s easy for users to navigate and great for developers to get noticed. Simplify app discovery and spotlight your builders.

Popular Apps
List of popular DeFi protocols
List of popular DeFi protocols
List of popular DeFi protocols
List of popular DeFi protocols
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Spotlight Your Blockchain's Ecosystem with Ease.

Transform how users discover apps on your blockchain. I'm here to craft a user-friendly Ecosystem Page that not only highlights your vibrant ecosystem but also puts your builders center stage. No hassle, just a seamless experience for everyone.

Popular Apps
Find the right app for you.
List of popular DeFi protocols
Aave enables borrowing and lending from over 30 Ethereum-based assets.
List of popular DeFi protocols
A decentralized marketplace for NFTs that allows users to buy, collect and trade.
List of popular DeFi protocols
Mirror is a web3 publishing platform that uses blockchain based encryption.
List of popular DeFi protocols
A lending protocol that allows users to borrow and lend tokens.
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Unified Listing

Streamline access to all popular apps in one unified spot.

Popular Apps
Find the right app for you.


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Decentralized Finance

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Effortless Discovery

Make it easy for users to find cool dApps with intuitive filtering and categorization.

Popular Apps
Find the right app for you.
Mirror Logo

Mirror is a web3 publishing platform that uses blockchain based encryption. Publishing is free and only requires an Ethereum wallet. The Mirror Dashboard is flexible, allowing for easy blog post creation.

Decentralized Finance
Ethereum, Polygon, ...
Decentralized by design
Collectable entries
Web3-worthy editor
Your content. Forever.
Publishing is free
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Detailed App Profiles

Each app gets its own detailed page, offering complete information at a glance.

Supercharge Your Ecosystem.

Feature-Rich for an intuitive, user-centric Ecosystem that empowers Apps Discovery.

Built-in Search Engine

Quickly Find What You Need

Enable users to effortlessly find the right app within your ecosystem using a powerful, integrated search function.

Advanced Filtering

Narrow Down with Precision

Allow your users to effortlessly pinpoint what they need with advanced filtering and subcategories.


Keep Favorites at Your Fingertips

Let users bookmark their favorite apps, providing quick access to their top choices.

Let's talk!

Let's discuss how we can best shine a light on your ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask reach out to me or check out my profile

    • Who are you?

      My name is Maxime Servais, and I am a software developer. I specialize in shining a light on blockchain ecosystems by building feature-rich ecosystem page web apps.

    • What service do you offer?

      I'll build for you an Ecosystem page Web app that is designed with advanced functionalities like filtering, categorization, and a built-in search engine. My services extend beyond web development to include content management, all geared towards creating a vibrant and accessible Ecosystem Page for your blockchain.

    • What makes you well-positioned in this field?

      Back in 2017, I dove headfirst into web3. I saw friends and family struggling with questions like "Which wallet is best?" or "Where should I swap my crypto?". That's why I created Web3xplorer for the Ethereum ecosystem, a directory with 900+ web3 apps, free for everyone. Drawing from this, I now offer a similar, white-label service to other blockchains, aiming to enhance their ecosystems with a user-friendly Ecosystem Page.

    • Why should I work with you?

      You get a functional, easy-to-use ecosystem page within 8-12 weeks with cost predictability, without the hassle of managing web development and content on your own. My focus is on delivering what you need to shine a light on your ecosystem – fast, effectively, and without breaking the bank.

    • How do you charge for your service?

      I have a one-time development fee with tiered pricing for different packages. Additional development is billed per day, and I also offer a maintenance subscription.

    • How long does it take you to deliver a full-fledged ecosystem web app?

      It typically takes me 8 to 12 weeks to deliver a comprehensive ecosystem page web app. This includes a backend with a headless CMS for easy content management, and a front-end built with Next.js and React.

    • What frontend technologies do you use?

      I use a combination of TailwindCSS, Next.js, React, TypeScript, React-Query, Framer Motion, Zustand, and Zod, offering a robust, modern and efficient frontend tech stack.

    • What backend technologies do you use?

      My backend solution centers around a cloud-hosted headless CMS, such as Strapi, combined with a PostgreSQL database. A headless CMS enables your team to efficiently manage content, which is then accessible across all applications via an API. This setup streamlines content delivery while maintaining high performance and reliability.

    • What are the benefits of using a headless CMS with data exposed over an API?

      With a headless CMS and API-based data exposure, the content isn't just for a web app. It can be used across various platforms like mobile apps or voice assistants like Alexa, enabling a flexible and integrated experience for users across different mediums.